KillNotes still works with Notes 8.0.1

How does my good old KillNotes know about Notes 8.0.1. processes? It works with version 8 just as well as it did with version 5. I wonder what the code behind KillNotes looks like that it can find all Notes processes even under their new names.


3 Responses

  1. well done, brother

  2. Actually it finds items that are part of the nlnotes.dll and kills them, so as long as that is the main process it will continue to work on upcoming versions or until Microsoft changes the way applications are loaded.

  3. We’ve been using this little app for about 7 years now.

    Somehow, a rumor got started here that I wrote it, which is funny since my programming skills pretty much stop after that checkbook app you have to write in intro to programming.

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