Lotus advertising — not for the masses

Using Google’s Reader to read top stories from Wired, I spot this add in the middle of an article block…

Lotus add

Heehaw! Hurrah! I’m tickled pink — a Lotus Notes advertisement in the broad day (or rather desk lamp) light. Sorry, Ed, apologize for my comments. See, Nathan, Lotus marketing is hard at work?

I, of course, click on it.

Lotus trial download

But click on ‘Learn more’…  Oh-oh!  What’s going on?!  Why do I have to be a registered user?! IBM, why are you giving up a chance to pound me with blatant propaganda? Why do you not slam me with a big giant Lotus Notes trout until I’m lying there, senseless, willing to download, install, try and fall in love with Lotus Notes 8? Why do you make me jump through hoops of registration before I can be deemed worthy enough of being subjected to more Lotus marketing?

Oh well. Too late. I’m going somewhere else…

(By the way, I did log-in to the site, just to see what will happen. But alas! There is nothing more to be learned. The next page asked me about my company type, the number of employees and whether I wanted to be contacted. After that it just took me to the downloads. I guess there is no Lotus Notes propaganda after all. I was willing to be learned and I learned nothing.)


2 Responses

  1. I agree. You would expect case studies or something after clicking the ad.

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