Should I control when my commercial is played?

Not sure why I’m on this marketing/advertising kick…  Perhaps, I’m spending too much time reading Seth Godin.  Perhaps, it’s my daughter’s addiction to TV shopping.

As a company, someone who had paid for 30 seconds of airtime, how much control do I have over when my commercial is being played?  I’m not talking about a specific time slot, but rather about what other commercials are being played or shown before and after my spot.  If I’m Chrysler trying to convince you, the listener, to buy a new Jeep.  And if I’m Merlin, the 200,000 mile shop, telling you to not waste money on a new car but rather invest in keeping your current car running longer.  Do we want our commercials to be played next to each other?  Are these messages mutually exclusive?  Or are they targeted  at such different segments of listeners that it doesn’t really matter?


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