Lotus SameTime in a Microsoft shop? You better believe it

I heard IBM say it, but I did not wholly believe it.  SameTime is not only for shops that run Lotus Notes.  It is targeted at everyone else, too.

Today I had actually participated in a conversation with a company that is looking to deploy SameTime on top of Outlook, Exchange and Active Directory.  What drew them to SameTime was all the great things that this product offers: security, integration with 3rd party IMs, archiving, LDAP integration, clustering, etc.

I am now a true believer — Lotus SameTime is not just for Lotus Notes.


One Response

  1. Alex,

    That’s true – you don’t have to be IBM/Lotus shop to enjoy Lotus collaboration solutions, such as Lotus Sametime.
    Lotus solutions are flexible and enables a business to leverage its current infrastructure investments, while enjoying the advanced features of Lotus solutions.

    The best reference for Lotus Sametime over Microsoft is GE (General Electric): ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/software/lotus/lotusweb/product/sametime/LOC10109-USEN-00.PDF

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