Would you become a new Lotus Notes administrator TODAY?

The other day I received an email with the subject that asked “Is there future in Lotus Notes?”. The email was from one my friends who works as a PC technician/Help Desk support. His company uses Lotus Notes and he was given an opportunity to attend training to become a Lotus Notes and BlackBerry administrator for his company. In his email my friend wanted my opinion whether he should “waste” his time, would these skills be valuable to him in the future or are they possibly becoming obsolete.

Technology matters aside, this is not about the roadmap of Lotus Notes, IBM’s much trumpeted commitment to the product or signing the contract with Disney to host Lotuspheres through 2015. This is about a much different issue. This is about growing as an IT professional.  This is about taking risks and jumping into the unknown.

In the case of my friend, being a PC tech is a very comfortable position: low stress, fixed hours and even overtime pay, which gets him very close to what an administrator earns.  Becoming an administrator is the scary unknown: more stress, questionable hours, a salaried position.  So, do you take the plunge and learn and become an administrator of a mature technology?  Or do you stay where you are?

The answer is simple and obvious — go forth and learn.  If you’re not learning, not advancing, do you have 10 years of experience or 1 year repeated 10 times?

It is better to be learning Aramaic than not to be learning a new language at all.  It is better to learn to be a Lotus Notes administrator than hope to retire as a PC tech.


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