It’s a miracle — I bought a car!!!

After probably close to 2 years of agonizing over my next vehicle, it has finally happened — I bought a car!  As it was bound to happen, the car I bought has very little to do with any of the cars that I was researching, evaluating, selecting and otherwise obsessing over during the last 1 or 2 years.  All this time I thought I wanted a station wagon.  I wanted a bigger car, something that would easily fit my mountain bike without having to deal with a bike rack.  I thought I wanted a European car.  With those requirements, the list of options was small and seemed to be getting smaller every month. 

After all the long months, it all came down to this week.  This week I was in the mood to buy a car.  Oddly enough, it came down to 2 cars: Mercury Milan and Acura TSX.  And while I had sworn long ago to never buy an American car, I was all set on the Milan.  It had everything: AWD, Bluetooth, iPod integration, navigation, etc., etc., etc.  A beautiful car inside and outside.  And then, I just had to go and look at the new TSX…

It happened once before and it happened again this time.  Once I looked at an Acura, I wanted it.  I fought with myself long and hard, but the manual transmission, better gas mileage, the fact that this is after all an Acura, a car completely made in Japan, had won.

So, now I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new 2009 Acura TSX. It is not a station wagon, in fact, its boot is pretty small.  I wanted something red and it is black.  I wanted a light color interior and it is black, too. I wanted an all-wheel-drive car and this is one is front-wheel only.  I wanted a European car and this one, once again, is Asian.

So now I own not what I was looking for, but it will be a very fun car to have.


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  2. […] It sa miracle I bought acar!!! […]

  3. […] It sa miracle I bought acar!!! […]

  4. […] It sa miracle I bought acar!!! […]

  5. […] It sa miracle I bought acar!!! […]

  6. About time. When do I get a chance to ride in it?

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