The Golden Compass

Ah crap! I’ve waited so long to see the Golden Compass, I expected so much from it and this movie completely and utterly disappointed me.  I read all 3 of the Philip Pullman’s books when the movie first came out and I really liked the books.  I thought that a good director with good actors and some serious CGI could’ve done so much with the story.  Instead, the movie was so mediocre.  Yes, all the special effects were pretty good, but that was it.  If I wouldn’t have already read the book, I wouldn’t have been able to follow the story line.  Somewhere in the titles for the movie it should’ve said that the book was a prerequisite.  I truly hope they don’t make a sequel.


The importance of paying attention to details (part 2)

While buying my new car, I had to make a side trip to Carmax.  The Acura dealer didn’t want to dirty their hands with my little trusty Elantra, so I took it to sell to Carmax. While waiting for my car to be apraised, I had nothing better to do than walk around looking at cars in the showroom. I understood why so many cars on the road bear the Carmax logo on the back.  The cars in the showroom were nearly immaculate.  I was hard pressed to find anything wrong on most of them.  Unlike the BMW station wagon I looked at few days ago, these cars had no salt stains on the carpet, there were no major visible scratches — in short, all the little details were taken care of.  If that BMW was in such condition, I’d be driving it today.  I would not have hesitated to pay 32K for it.  Details, details, details — always important.

Quick way to locate a folder in Notes 8

Don’t know why it took me so long to discover something to obvious as this…  When moving an email to a a folder, in the ‘Move to Folder’ dialog box, just start typing the name of the folder you’re looking for.  It will quickly position the selection bar to that folder.  It works with any folder no matter how many levels deep.  No more scrolling and expanding folders for me.  Love it!

The same trick also works on a BlackBerry when filing a message into a folder.