Ephox EditLive for Quickr is in Beta

For the past few months we at PSC have been working with Ephox on a Quickr for Domino version of their EditLive editor. It was a fascinating project that allowed our development team to take a really deep dive into the world of Quickr for Domino. Talk about JavaScript galore…

This week the final result of our implementation effort went into Beta. The EditLive editor replaces the standard out-of-the-box Quickr rich-text editor powered by Dojo and offers editing features that are not otherwise available in Quickr.

For more information on how and where EditLive works inside of Quickr see this post on John Head’s blog.

If you are a Quickr for Domino user. If you would like to give your users text-editing features beyond what Quick provides out-of-the-box. If you’re interested in being a part of the beta program, contact Ephox directly.

If you decide to join the beta program, I would love to hear your feedback on EditLive and how it works inside of Quickr.

Lotus Symphony as an alternative to Office 2007 – but why hasn’t everyone heard about it yet?

Yesterday I had lunch with several IT folks from one of my clients. At one point in the conversation they started talking about what software they will be next pushing out to all desktops. Someone asked when they would be deploying Office 2007. Turns out that at this organization users need a special permission, manager’s authorization, to receive a copy of Office 2007. The main reason — it is too expensive. The conversation naturally turned to low-cost alternatives, such as OpenOffice. And then I asked about Lotus Symphony. To my surprise, nobody at this good sized IBM/Lotus customer has heard of Lotus Symphony. While I was explaining what Lotus Symphony was all about, the heads were nodding, the eyes were shining — the story around Lotus Symphony clearly made sense here and they got it. A enterprise-class productivity software suite that is free and is provided at no charge — what’s not to get?

It is clearly disappointing that Lotus Symphony does not get more exposure. A few full page ads in eWeek or similar industry rags could go along way towards raising general awareness of this excellent alternative to an expensive product with a steep learning curve.

And in the mean time, I’ll be going back to my client next week with a Notes 8 CD in hand and showing them what Lotus Symphony can do for them. Coincidentally, PSC now offers a Lotus Symphony Executive Jumpstart, now listed in the IBM Lotus Business Solutions Catalog.

A form of self-inflicted torture…

Going grocery shopping while fasting for Yom Kippur, followed by sitting inside of my mom’s appartment, smelling all the smells, while she’s cooking tonight’s dinner.  So hungry…  Could eat a horse.

PSC is looking for a Lotus Domino administrator

I received such great feedback from my post 2 weeks ago looking for Lotus Notes developer that I decided to try this again.

Once again, I am looking for a new person to join our Collaboration team. The focus of and the strength of our team at PSC has always been the Collaboration technologies with heavy emphasis on the IBM/Lotus family of products: Lotus Notes, Domino, Quickr, Connections, SameTime.

This time I am looking for a consultant with Lotus Domino administration skills.  In particular:

Strong Lotus Domino administration skills

  • Experience with Lotus Domino 7 and 8
  • Day-to-day management of a Lotus Domino infrastructure
  • Monitoring server performance
  • Troubleshooting issues as they come up
  • User management
  • Experience with other products in the Lotus family is a plus

Strong Lotus Notes client support skills

  • Troubleshooting of Lotus Notes clients
  • Use of policies and/or 3rd party tools to manage and configure clients

Experience upgrading Lotus Domino infrastructures

  • Have experience planning, managing and executing an upgrade of a Lotus Domino infrastructure
  • Have experience performing a major release upgrade

Consulting skills

  • Have experience working face-to-face with the customers, end users, business users
  • Know how to work off minimal specifications/ideas from business users
  • Know how work independently and manage a project and a client relationship

I should mention that my immediate need is a project in Kansas City area.  So, if you live in the Chicago area, where our Collaboration team is centered, you would need to be able to travel.

And as far as PSC itself, we are a well-known and recognized organization in the IBM/Lotus community:

  • Premium IBM partner
  • Winner and finalist of multiple Lotus (former Beacon) Awards
  • Notes/Domino Design Partners
  • Hosts of multiple IBM blogs, such as Ed Brill and ideajam
  • We participate in various IBM/Lotus events such as Lotusphere, Collaboration Summits
  • Members of our team (John Head) speak at multiple events
  • And the list goes on

If you have the skills, if you like the life of a consultant, and want to become a part of the leading information technology consulting organization, drop me a line. I can be reached via my personal email linked on this site as “Contact Me” on the right. I can also be reached at my PSC email at akassabov@PSCListens.com

I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone.

Collaboration Summit Chicago

It was a great event today, probably one of the better events of this type I had an opportunity to attend. The choice of the location, Navy Pier, was unusual yet so very Chicago. Good food, good view of the lake and, of course, Batman at the IMAX — all an added bonus. iBM, great job organizing the event.

On the business side, there was a good turnout of customers and partners. It was nice to see familiar faces and some new ones. Thank you everyone who took time to stop by the PSC pedestal. If you dropped a card into the bowl, stay tuned for the results of the drawing for the American Express gift card.