My new Taproot project — Workforce Chicago

So somewhere along the line, in the past few days, I had agreed to do another Taproot project.  This one is also a website project (I seem to be developing a reputation as a web developer) for Workforce Chicago.  The project itself is almost done, I’m coming in at the 11th hour.  It seems that the original developer working on the site is MIA.  Hope he’s alright and it is just work and life robbing him of the ability to finish the site.

So I have an almost complete set of pages, which just needs to be tweaked and delivered to the client.  It is always fun to inherit code from someone else.  There are few things worse than looking at your screen and thinking why, why, why would ANYONE do something like THIS!  Luckily, the original developer was rather good, better than I am, I must admit.  His code is well structured and nicely arranged.  Many compliments to the developer, I wish I knew who he is/was.  I won’t get the full credit for the completed site, but I will learn a thing or two in the process.

With any luck, I will be done with this project before the end of November.


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