How do you decide what to blog about?

As you are sitting there pondering the topic for your next blog entry or your tweet, how do you decide what to blog and what NOT to blog about? Do you ever worry about blogging about a topic someone has already covered? If it is something from the Internet or the media, what are the chances that someone has already twittered it? Do you worry about being thought a “copycat”?

Those are the kinds of thoughts that always end up going through my head whenever I’m considering blogging about something I just read or heard somewhere. Is that a concern for you? Or does it not matter and it’s the point of the Internet and of the social networks to get more and more people to talk and discuss?

What do you think?

3 Responses

  1. I guess it depends on whether you’re blogging because you have something to say or because you figure you need to do ‘x’ blog posts per month. If you’re stuck for something to say, then I suggest you don’t say anything (and that same advice applies to me).

  2. I blog anything I feel like talking about, as I consider my blog to be exactly that — things on my mind. I don’t really care if others are saying the same thing. I do work really hard to avoid accidentally spilling the beans on NDA topics or identifying particular clients of mine that may have been the source of information or ideas.

  3. Interesting question. I used to feel an obligation to keep blogging because I had established a pattern of blogging frequently. Then I realized I was really doing it for me (or rather remembered that this was the original purpose) and I stopped worrying. So, I blog about things that are on my mind, sometimes to share something I think is cool, sometimes so I have a record of something I don’t want to forget, and sometimes because I need to get something off my chest. Like Andrew, I take care to keep clients anonymous and not disclose anything that might be considered a trade secret. I usually observe a moratorium on bigger items until it has been a good while since the project was completed unless there is something I believe is more pertinent to the community in a timely fashion – and then I take extreme care to preserve the clients Intellectual Property and other interests – keeping it clinical.

    I typically leave family matters out unless they are amusing or there is some tie-in worth sharing.

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