What Mac applications are a must-have?

As a brand-spanking new Mac user I found myself a bit at a loss.  I knew what applications I always use on a Windows machine: there are the standard IM clients, MS Office, OneNote, Visual WebDeveloper Express, etc.  But what should I use on a Mac.  Jim, the same Jim who was the cause of my downfall from a Windows user, a long-time Mac user, gave me several applications that he uses.  So now I have Adium, iStat menus, Growl, AppTrap, Dialectic, MS Office for Mac. They work for me.  But I can’t help but wonder what else is out there.

What Mac applications absolutely positively you can NOT do without? What apps do you install on every Mac as soon as you login for the first time?


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  1. How about Notes 8.5 for the Mac? (beta admittedly, but works great).

    Chicken of VNC
    RDP client for Mac

    I’m fairly new to Macs myself ( and have a parallels install in case I need stuff from my xp machine), but love it – enjoy!

  2. Ooops, forgot to mention Notes. Of course, I’m running Notes 8.5 beta 2.

  3. Be sure to check out EverNote, it’s free – http://www.evernote.com

    I use it as my brain in the cloud.

  4. VMware Fusion – for domino Designer…

    Get Video Lan Client (VLC) – It’ll play almost any video file…..

    I like Aperture for Digital pictures…. but it’s overkill unless you do a lot with RAW pictures…

    Photoshop elements 6 – though there are cheaper alternatives..

    There a nice little “app bundle” going on at macrumors.com right now… 10 apps for $49 I believe.. I haven’t looked to closely at it yet but Drive Genious and Little Snitch are on my list of programs that I was interested in…

    If you do anything with USENET try Unison….

    Snapp Pro Z for screen grabs – but there is a feature built into the OS..

    Do bootcamp if you’re interesting in Windows gaming…

    If you want to backup or otherwise make your DVD’s portable get Handbrake..

    if you have an iphone consider Jaadu as a VNC client if you want to remote control your mac from your iphone. It’s really slick.

    There are tons of “Best App lists” around… look at digg or lifehacker to start with…

  5. I just did this for a new Air, so I have a longer list:

    The Unarchiver
    Toast (Roxio)
    Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper
    Little Snitch
    Delicious Library
    VMWare Fusion (*sigh* – for Domino designer/admin only)

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