PSC wins the 2009 Lotus Award in the Philanthropy category

I am very excited to announce that PSC is the winner of the 2009 IBM Lotus Award in the Philanthropy category.

The IBM Lotus Awards honor companies who have dedicated their time and energy to building innovative solutions using IBM Lotus software.  The Philanthropy category recognizes a Business Partner who has developed and deployed an effective solution for a not-for-profit, environmental or humanitarian effort or in support of broader civic participation.

We won the award for our Africa Challenge project.  For those of you who don’t know what that project entailed, some details are below.

I want to thank everyone who was involved in the project during this year for their hard work and dedication: John Head, Sri Bedathur, Luis Guirigay, Ross Bellak and Eric McLaughlin.  Great job, team!  Thank you for making this happen!

Project Details
Richard Reid TV (now Africa Challenge Productions S.A., ACSA) has been the leading source for academic competitions worldwide for the past 35 years.

ACSA provides content and organization for teams of students competing on topics ranging from history and current events to science and mathematics.

Africa Challenge S.A. (ACSA), has joined with Zain, Africa’s most successful pan-African mobile network, to create the Zain Africa Challenge (ZAC).  ZAC, the first-ever televised academic competition among students at African universities across the continent, is a major undertaking for ACSA.

The Zain Africa Challenge (ZAC) is an event that celebrates higher education in the continent of Africa.  ZAC unites students and creates a forum for like-minded individuals and educators to meet and collaborate.

A great benefit of the ZAC is the social networking that begins as students from many nations intermix and compete.  These future leaders come to respect peers from neighboring countries that have often had poor relations. The leaders are learning the value of networking, education, and collaboration.

The collaboration tools of Notes/Domino and Lotus Sametime allowed the local staff in Africa to work closely with the worldwide authors and editors, providing better localization of the content. The result is a product that is more responsive and accurate to the people of Africa. In fact, the real-time collaboration tools of Lotus Sametime changed the entire process and has reduced costs and transformed the ZAC cultural for the better.

In the end, automating this process with Lotus Notes/Domino, the ZAC was conducted flawlessly for students from 100+ universities across Africa and will reach an estimates 250 million people with the televised events.

The solution provided a time to market of less than one month, administrative efficiencies allowing the re-tasking 30% of RRTV staff and seamless communication between hundreds of collaborators.


3 Responses

  1. WOW! What an awesome project! Congratulations to all of you involved that is truly something to be very proud of. And congrats on winning the Lotus Award as well!

  2. […] importance of the award has already been well documented by my long-time colleagues Alex (my boss) and John. What is special about it, to me personally, is the fact that I have been […]

  3. I enjoy this.continue it.

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