Picasa for Mac is finally out

Google’s Picasa, a photo organization and editing programs, was one of the things from the Windows world that I was sorely missing on a Mac.  Like most of people nowadays, I have a lot of pictures stored on my networked hard drive at home and I couldn’t find any program, other than Picasa, that would let me quickly browse and organize them.  

Now, finally, Google released a version of Picasa for Mac.  It is available for download from here.

Keep in mind, Google does consider this to be a beta version of the software.  And true enough, I manage to crash or freeze Picasa within a few minutes of using it.  I was deleting some pictures that it found, going one-by-one.  When I selected 2 pictures from the same folder on my hard drive and told Picasa to remove them from disk, the program froze.  I had to Force-Quit it.

Otherwise, this looks like a very solid release.  I am not a power photo editor and so far, out of the features that I do use, I haven’t found any that were missing or not working in the Mac version.  

The only thing I don’t like about Picasa is that it insists on searching your computer for images upon the first time you run the program.  You can’t avoid this step.  Your only choice is to decide whether it will search your entire computer or just your personal folder(s).  I don’t store any images on my laptop, everything is on my networked Maxtor, so this process is a complete waste of time for me, causing me to remove from Picasa’s library whatever it managed to find.  Luckily, this process is pretty quick and removing folders from Picasa is pretty easy.

So if you’re like me and find iPhoto to be a cumbersome product for managing a large photo library, go and get Picasa.  <begin shameless Google plug> Like most things that come from Google, it is pretty damn good. </end shameless Google plug>

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