Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – what a great compliment!

I just received probably the greatest compliment any developer can receive.  And it feels even better to receive it for one’s volunteer work.

Last year I did a project with Taproot to design and build a new website for DuPage Habitat for Humanity.  Earlier today, the Executive Director of DHFH forwarded the following email…

…I am co president of HFH in Ogle County, Illinois, just south of Rockford.
We are in the process of establishing a website.  We have been “studying” a lot of websites from across Illinois and to some extent across the country.

We REALLY love your website!  We are going to hire a web designer, we would really like her to pattern our site after yours.  I don’t mean an EXACT copy of course, but we do envision/hope it will (eventually) have the same features and many of the same headings and subheadings…

As a volunteer, thanks are the only form of payment you receive.  That email made me really proud of the work our Taproot team did last year and made all those hours all worth it.  Now I want to do another project.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations. I know how good it feels to have something you did for nothing and out of the goodness of your heart be noticed and complimented. Those are the memories that help keep you going on the next project.

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