It’s great to work with a great team

Every now and then a project comes along to remind me of how great of a team I have the privilege to work with at PSC.

Our client had asked us to come up with a custom solution to secure large PDF files.  They have a DRM solution, LockLizard, but, considering the large number of users involved, didn’t think it was appropriate in this case.  So, in about 1 day, two of our “Notes” consultants came up with what the client called “one of the most elegant solutions” they have ever seen.  Even though it was designed by our Notes team, the final solution does not involve Notes but rather a custom application to secure and package the PDFs.

If all you have is Lotus Notes, everything looks like an NSF.  But in today’s world, it is impossible to stick with one tool, with one solution.  A great consultant is not afraid to stretch out of his comfort zone and admit that his tool of choice may not be the best tool for the job.  If Notes doesn’t fit, don’t try to shove a square peg into an NSF.

I am glad that at PSC we have great consultants.


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