“Lotus Knows” Bus is Coming to Chicago

The "Lotus Knows" Bus

The "Lotus Knows"

Hopefully by now you have heard of the Lotus Knows marketing campaign aimed at promoting the Lotus brand.  Yes, not just an IBM “Smart Planet” campaign, but an actual effort to promote that unique brand inside of IBM — Lotus.

As a part of the campaign, IBM has hired a bus, a big black bus, the “Lotus Knows” bus to travel around the US and Canada as a part of the marketing effort.  I got to see the bus last week at the Lotus Leadership Alliance.  And now this same bus is coming to Chicago.  On the bus, Lotus will showcase Lotus demos and solutions staffed by the local technical teams, Lotus Knows business partners videos and USB giveaways containing links to trial downloads and collateral.

The bus will be in Chicago next week, October 6th and 7th.  On October 6th, it will be somewhere in the vicinity of the Metropolitan club.  Wonder if they will be able to park it on Wacker Drive in front of the former Sears tower.  This will be during the “Get Smart: Smarter Collaboration Means Smarter Business” event.  There’s still time to register for the event and to see the Lotus Knows bus in action.


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  1. FYI the keynote in Chicago will be John Allessio, the VP of Services for Lotus. The website will be updated (it also has the wrong restaurant etc. on there).

    I will be on the bus on the 6th!

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