Abbott lays off all of its Lotus developers

A couple of weeks ago Abbott Laboratories in Chicago let go all of its Lotus Notes developers.  Interestingly enough, they kept, at least for now, all of the contractors.

This may be a cost cutting measure.  But it sounds like another company making a strategic decision about the future of their Lotus Notes development efforts.  Sure, it will take some time to move existing Notes apps to SharePoint or some other technology.  And, sure, some apps may always remain in Notes.  But those apps will be in support and maintenance mode, with new development being shifted into some other technology, SharePoint being the most obvious suspect here.

In the mean time, there are a few more unemployed Lotus Notes developers walking around Chicago.


10 Responses

  1. I am sure this is a cost cutting measure. I remember being at Exxon 20 years ago and surprised that many of the employees were laid off and I and other contractors were kept. It was a cost cutting effort is all. Also Abbott may want to rehire later when some of Obama’s new tax laws take effect where when a NEW employee is hired or REHIRED the company does not have to pay their portion of the tax and gets a rebate for several years. Don’t know… Just one idea.

  2. This makes me sad, especially when Domino is growing so strongly as a development platform. I hope that they can achieve what they need on other platforms.

  3. I hope so.

  4. No company fires all employees of a department to hire them back for less money. You can do that with parts of a team but not everyone. Well of course you can but it doesn’t make sense. Still it is a sad story.

  5. Under Obama’s plan they can rehire them all at the same salary and still save money… Who knows what goes on … Only the Shadow knows…

    Doing this they just lost the people that are most loyal to Abbott. This is sad and misguided, whatever the reason.

  6. Just my two cents as one who has had their position shipped offshore – too many companies are only concerned about the bottom line – doesn’t matter how much it costs to save a buck. It doesn’t matter what the end result is as long as you can show on paper how much money you are saving.

    In this instance it sounds like they have lost any loyalty their employees had for the company, and have also lost any sense of continuity.

  7. John, what is your source for your information about “Obama’s plan”. The plan that is described on the White House web site is targeted at small businesses (though larger business are eligible within a cap of 100 workers), and it specifically excludes firms that re-hire laid off workers from earning a credit for that:

  8. It’s really too bad those developers couldn’t have been transitioned to other parts of IT.

    I’m in the big city just north of you guys and I’ve seen almost all of the Notes shops up here do the same thing: Northwestern Mutual, JohnsonDiversey, Metavante, and a few smaller companies.

  9. Snack Bar Attendant @ Yeung’s Lotus Express is looking better and better all the time. If it’s in a tropical location, I’m so there. (See job listing)

  10. How to slove the problem for the unemployed Lotus Notes developers is very important

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