Domino server is crashing – SMSDOM panic

This happened just today.  Installed a brand new Domino 8.5.1 server 64 bit.  Installed the latest Symantec anti virus for Domino on top of it.  Ran a manual scan and crashed the whole server when completing the scan of a particular mail file.

The very reproducible crash would generate an SMSDOM Panic error with a rather generic error message of “Entry not found in index”.

When Google yielded no appropriate results, we called Symantec and they immediately pointed us to this technote.

Apparently, this is a well known problem with a simple fix.  Follow the steps in the technote to replace the nntask.exe and life, once again, is good.

How to uninstall iStat Menus

In my quest for removing iStat Menus from my computer, I came across several forum posts asking how to cleanly remove this program.  Deleting it from the Applications folder didn’t do the trick.  Unlike most Mac programs, it partially stayed around.

The answer is simple.

  1. Download the latest version of iStat Menus from
  2. Unpack the zip file and launch the iStat Menus program.
  3. As a part of the installer, there’s an option to cleanly remove/uninstall iStat Menus.

Much simpler than navigating Library folders for buried files.

Did you know? Or why to blog

Did you know that <Ctrl>+<Enter> will complete a web address entered into a browser’s address bar?   “cnn” will become “;.

<⌘ Command><Enter> does the same on a Mac.

Did you know that <Windows key><E> will open the Windows Explorer?

Did you know that <fn><delete> on a Mac will make the <delete> key act as delete and not backspace?

Perhaps you did.  A lot of the people don’t.

The other day someone told me that he would like to start blogging, but was concerned that his blog wouldn’t be of interest to others.  If he were to talk about his work, his projects, him transitioning into a new programming language, experts in that language would laugh at the trivial nature of his posts.

In response, I asked how he enters URLs into the browser and if he knows the <Ctrl><Enter> shortcut.

What may seem trivial to you is often a great discovery for others.  Blog it, share it.  You’ll be surprised how grateful your readers may be for the valuable titbit that you taught them.

And <Windows key><F> opens the Windows Search window.  And <Ctrl><M> creates a new email message in Lotus Notes…