PSC Collaboration Team is Growing

I want to welcome Andrew Barickman to the PSC’s Collaboration team.  Andrew has uncountable years of experience working and consulting in the IBM Lotus arena.  In one of his previous lives he even worked for Lotus and, as I learned today, before R5, his was the 3rd name to appear in the “Elvis is Alive” Easter Egg.  (Remember that one?)

Andrew is an outstanding professional: a consultant and a technologist.  I’m excited to have Andrew join the PSC team.

Watching Gangster No.1

There’s something about these gritty English and French gangster movies.  Oh yeah, and testing this whole posterous thing at the same time. 

I’ve been looking for something that would post easily to multiple places.  This [Posterous] seems to be able to do the magic.  Feel like I’ll be taking a lot more pictures…


Waiting… Anticipating…

And I’m waiting…  And anticipating…

Sadly my new MacBook Pro won’t get here until middle of next week, exactly when I’ll be in Boston.

PSC is writing new Lotus certification exams

Once again, a member of the PSC Collaboration team, Luis Guirigay, was selected to assist in preparing a couple of new certification exams:

  • Websphere Portal 7 Administration
  • Lotus Quickr 8.5 Administration

While Luis is already the most certified person I know, now he’s got a couple of new certifications to add to his belt.  Great job!

Panic moment

Sitting in a kick-off meeting for a new project with a new client.  First time I’m meeting these folks.  I glance over and see that one of the client’s team members is on my blog.  What followed was 30 seconds of intense soul and memory searching, trying to determine if I had posted anything in recent history that may be deemed not 100% kosher.  This was followed by a much longer period of regretting not having posted anything that may be related to this current project.  A little self-promotion could’ve been good.

So the lesson here, if you’re not sure, don’t say it.  And never miss an opportunity to promote yourself.

IamLUG 2010 impressions

I just realized that it has been 1 week since the 2nd annual IamLUG and I am yet to post my impressions.  The truth of the matter is that my impressions of IamLUG are very few.

There are times when planets, cosmic forces, one’s biorythms and other ethereal powers align just so to wreak utter havoc in one’s plans.  At those times your to-do list is long enough to instill fear into the hearts of the most productive people and to paralyze the rest of us into inaction.  That was my IamLUG.  The 2 days of this conference I spent on the phone, in conversations and in emails.  I’m sorry for the missed learning opportunities, I promise to try to be better next year.

So my impressions of IamLUG are mostly those of St.Louis.

I learned that some really big praying mantises can be found right in the downtown.

The St. Louis City Museum is really, really cool.

See that school bus hanging off the roof?  You can go inside through the back emergency gate, sit in the driver’s seat, open the front door and look out.  Not something recommended for the faint of heart or people with fear of heights.

And lastly, when Mississippi floods, it can get nasty.  This is a picture of the street under the Eads Bridge.


The same location I took a photo of last year

Under Rail tracks over Mississippi

Sitting on these chains…


Here’s to a better IamLUG (for me) next year.