SafeCopy Backup – Great Customer Support

When your boss repeatedly points out that you haven’t blogged in a while, perhaps you should listen and pick it up again.  Besides, this is good…  In a world of negative blog posts and customer-to-number conversions, when I come across exceptional customer service, I like to point it out.

Earlier this year, when Mozy decided to raise its prices, I switched to Safecopy backup.  In addition to lower price, Safecopy runs much better on my laptop not draining the battery with constant excessive CPU usage; and it backs up networked drives, too.

After few months of using Safecopy, I suddenly went over the 200GB space allocation.  I accidentally included some extra folders from my networked drive, which took me over the limit.  Unfortunately, Safecopy has a problem when deleting backed up files from networked folders: they simply don’t delete.  I worked with a support engineer, Kevin Woods, who readily admitted that this is a problem that they are working on.

So to help me out, Safecopy increased my space allocation to 300 GB.  For free!

Thank you, Safecopy, for not telling me to delete extra files one-by-one or to pay for the extra storage.

You have a very happy customer.




3 Responses

  1. Thank you Alex for sharing this amazing article. I have been procrastinating for an online backup that is cost effective. I think you have motivated me to try out Safecopy since they support Networked drives. Wish me luck please.

  2. Mckenzie, best of luck. Just be patient and survive the initial backup. Life will get much better after that.

  3. Thanks Alex for sharing your SafeCopy experience. I really think that SafeCopy is a good service. I signed up recently with them and found their service to be good. Its easy to backup my needed files and more over, I find it helpful that I am able to access all of my files from any computer, let it be from computer cafe, office, friend’s home, etc. 🙂

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