What do you call a blog that’s updated once a year?

Answer…… AlexKassabov.com  

A few days ago I was talking blogging with a coworker and a friend.  We both lamented the difficulties of blogging, how hard it is to write good content, and how hard it is to make time to keep one’s blog regularly updated.  And we both have let our blogs to stagnate lately.  So then and there I vowed to resurrect my blog, to dust off my old friend, to start blogging again.  

A few days went by. Then a whole weekend.  And I still didn’t find time to write anything.

Then, on Monday night, I get a one-liner email from another friend.  

What do you call a blog that’s updated once a year?  Answer…… AlexKassabov.com

How’s that for a coincidence? if that’s not a sign to start writing again, I don’t know what is.

So, hello there, my old friend.  It’s time to blow the dust off, find the next empty page and… write something meaningful.

Welcome to AlexKassabov.com

So I took the plunge and registered AlexKassabov.com.

Thank you, GoDaddy, for up-selling me left and right.  I now own .NET and .ME of the same.  They are not going anywhere yet.

And for all those who cannot spell or too lazy to type the 2 “S” in my last name, the AlexKasabov variations, too.  Sorry, my Bulgarian namesake, you weren’t using it anyway.  Wonder how much the Press Officer of PFC Levski, Alexander Kasabov, would offer for the domain.

It is time for a domain of my own

I think it is about time I had a domain of my own.  All these kassabov.wordpress.com, akassabov.posterous.com just aren’t cutting it anymore.

The question is what domain to select.  Decisions, decisions, decisions:

  • kassabov.com — taken
  • alexkassabov.com .org .net?
  • akassabov.com .org .net?
  • something-completely-off-the-wall.com?

Any suggestions?