Danze – Great customer service

One of the things I always like to write about is great customer service, those unexpected moments of absolute excellence that surprise you and tend to make you a customer for life.  This time, the award for amazing customer service goes to Danze, a popular faucet maker.

D455158Several years ago we remodeled the kitchen and bought a new Danze faucet, D455158.  (A quick disclaimer: I did not pay the MSRP. You can get one for a lot less elsewhere.)  It was new then and now, 5 years later, one little part broke.  The little aerator screen disintegrated and fell apart.  Unfortunately, Danze used a special little screen that cannot be replaced with a generic 2-dollar Ace brand one.  This screen served as the aerator and also as the base for the spring mechanism that switches faucet from spray to stream.  These screens weren’t even sold online and the only way to replace that one little piece was to buy the whole spray head for around 50 bucks.  I decided to call Danze.

I called Danze to see if they had any better options for me.  The customer service guy was a little brusque when he took down my information and listened to my explanation of the problem.  He then confirmed my address, told me that the replacement part will arrive on Tuesday and hung up before I even got a chance to inquire about a form of payment.

I was pretty excited thinking that I just scored a free aerator screen.  Imagine my surprise when on Tuesday I discovered an entire 50-dollar spray head in the mail.

Now, I don’t know if there was an official recall notice on these spray heads or if the customer service rep was just feeling extra generous that day.  But when a company stands behind their product and so effortlessly fixes a problem 5 years after the product was purchased, that’s a great customer experience.  Don’t know when again I will need to replace a faucet in my house, but odds are good that I’ll be looking at Danze again.