Evernote automatic backup feature

This is one of those unexpected features that I didn’t know about until I needed it.  Of course, it was mentioned on the Evernote’s blog back in April, but who reads documentation, right?

One day I was editing a document attached to one of my Evernote’s entries.  I got confused in my open Word windows, modified the wrong version of the document, saved it back to Evernote and closed Word.  So there was no going back and undoing it in Word.

In my desperate and panicked attempts to restore a previous version of the document, I stumbled upon a View – Notes History menu option of Evernote.  Apparently, every time you synch with Evernote’s servers, it makes a backup of modified notes.  So the Note History allows you to access all previous versions of a given note.  With just a couple of clicks I was able to download a previous version of the document in question and reverse my changes.

This feature is available only to premium account users.  But like it is always the case with backups, 45 dollars per year is a small price to pay for an ability to recover from dumb mistakes.  And even having Mozy backup of Evernote folders didn’t really help.  The way Evernote stores its notes and attachments, it is almost impossible to figure out which folder represents which note.



Attachment editing in Evernote

This is so cool…

If you are a premium user of Evernote, you can attach any type of files to a Note.  The nice part is that if you open the attachment in whatever application for editing, make changes and save the file, it saves it right back into Evernote.  So you have round-trip editing of attachments with no silly prompts to confuse the end-user.  Way cool! 

Premium Evernote

I finally took the plunge and paid $45 for my 1 year premium subscription service for Evernote.  Gotta love how simple and easy the whole process was.  I paid online, synchronized my client and immediately it knew to give me premium features: more space (500 MB each month) and ability to attach any type of files.  

I’m yet to figure out what to do with 500 MB of space per month.  As a free user, I was never able to come even close to the 40 allowed MB.  Even being able to attach files won’t get me anywhere close to 500 MB.

I love being able to attach any type of file to a note.  This comes very handy for client-related stuff: relevant emails, status reports, meeting minutes — everything ends up in Evernote tagged with a client’s name.  A couple of clicks and when I’m sitting down with a client, everything related to them is in front of me and easily searchable.  I just wish it would make like Lotus Notes and index the body of attachments.

All in all, great job, Evernote.  Can’t wait to see what new features will be added in the next version.