MWLUG 2011 – PSC will be there

The Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2011 is back again for the third year. This year it is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel.  And once again PSC will be there.  We’re one of the sponsors and our team – John Head and Luis Guirigay – is speaking.  John has a couple of sessions on why developing modern apps in Notes/Domino makes sense.  Luis, together with Kim Greene, will deliver their ever-popular session on Domino Health Checks.

Overall, the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2011 includes over 35 sessions and workshops covering topics including application development, system administration, best practices, and social business.

Benefits of MWLUG 2011

MWLUG 2011 provides you as an IBM Lotus professional many benefits including:

  • Over 35 sessions and workshops
  • Breakfast and lunch for two days
  • 50% off one IBM Certification Test
  • Networking with other Midwest IBM Professionals
  • Wednesday evening reception
  • Thursday networking and fun event
  • Access to experts of IBM solutions
  • Free XPages workshop

MWLUG 2011 Registration

Registration for MWLUG 2011 is now open. Registration is $35 that will be donated to your favorite Lotus user group.

To register go to:

About MWLUG 2011

To learn more about MWLUG 2011 go to:






Introducing newest Lotus blogger – Wil How

I am excited to welcome another Loti blogger to the community.  And having him as a member of the Lotus team at PSC makes it so much more special.

Wil How (yes, it is Wil with one L; I had to add him to my custom dictionaries) joined PSC about half way through 2010.   And since then he’s been almost exclusively working on a large XPages project, converting existing Domino application(s).  It’s been a great journey of learning for Wil and I’m glad that he finally decided to start sharing all the little tidbits as he overcomes one challenge of XPages after another.  I’m sure other XPages developers will find them useful, too.

And as Wil does quite a bit of hardcore web development out of XPages as well, from time to time you may see not strictly Lotus-related entries on his blog at


My new job

I started to write this as I sat in a little courtyard at the Disney Swan hotel an hour before our session (JMP208) on how to integrate your Lotus Notes with other desktop applications.  As I looked around and enjoy the weather, I feel a little sadness realizing that this might very well be my last Lotusphere.

Once upon the time, John Head called me “The general of PSC’s Lotus/Collaboration practice”.  Well, I am that general no more.

At some point last year, I realized that I no longer enjoyed my job.  I was in my fourth year of running our Collaboration practice. Managing a P&L and worrying about scheduling was no longer challenging or thrilling.  I felt like I’ve been there, done that.

The worst thing you can do as a manager and a leader is to no longer care.  It is simply not fair to your team and the people who rely on you.  I didn’t want to be in that position, so it was time to move on.

As I look back, I realize that I had made a lot of mistakes and I also learned a lot during my tenure as a Practice Manager.  I hope that overall I was at least somewhat successful during my tenure.  (I don’t think PSC would’ve kept me around otherwise).  It was a great experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to live through it.

We had good years and we had so-so years.  The team survived through the worst economic downturn of our lifetime and we came out on top as one of the few remaining Lotus consulting organizations in Chicago.  Not only did we not lose any team members, I think that at the end of 2010 our Notes team was larger than ever before.

Of course, we could’ve never done it without the smart, dedicated and, at times, simply brilliant people who I had the privilege to work with.  It is these people who rose up to every challenge, picked up new skills, learned new technologies and worked long hours.  A few of them told me that they thought I was a good manager.  I know that some of them will read this I want to thank them for their support.

So come January 1st of 2011, I officially handed the general’s epaulettes to Andrew Barickman.  Andrew joined PSC around September of 2010 and things sort of worked out: I wanted to move out, he wanted to move in.

So now, I’m a field consultant once again.  I’m doing a business strategy/RFP generation project for a logistics client.  I’m managing the final delivery phases of an Extranet portal project for another client.  And when I return from Lotusphere, I’ll also be a product manager for another client of ours.  None of these projects have any relation to Lotus.

However, I am still managing the PSC/IBM relationship, so I am not completely out of the picture.  And will certainly continue to be involved in the great Lotus community.

I want to thank PSC and its management team for being very supportive of what I wanted to do.  They understood the reasons I was looking to resign a Vice President position to become a Solution Architect.

So now I’m looking forward to all the new projects and the new learning opportunities.


Looking for Lotus developer-consultant at PSC

It’s a new year and we need to start it off right.  How?  By hiring another Lotus consultant developer to our team.

We’re looking for the usual skill set:

  • strong development skills
  • strong web development skills
  • knowledge of web development outside of the standard Lotus package: JS, CSS, extJS
  • hopefully some XPages or at least the aptitude to learn it quickly.

In addition to the technical skills, we would love to hire someone who can manage him or her self, their clients, their projects and maybe even others.

PSC is in Chicago.  We would prefer local candidates, of course.

If you have what it takes or know someone who does, please get in touch with me.


Advantages & best practices of local mail replicas

Many congratulations to Luis Guirigay for having his article on Advantages and Best Practices of Local Mail Replicas published in the Domino Wiki.  After many review cycles the article was finally added to the wiki.

If there’s anything you wanted to know about local mail replicas but were afraid to ask, Luis is the ultimate authority on the subject.  It’s great to see another article published by the PSC team.

PSC is a partner

As we’re expanding our offerings, PSC is now officially a partner.

The folks on our team has done a number of projects involving the platform from building custom Lotus Notes connectors, to assisting with implementation and integrating it with VoIP telephony platforms.  So it is time to become an official partner.

Looking forward to doing more projects on this exciting platform.

PSC speaks at Lotusphere 2011

I’m excited to say that PSC will be well represented at Lotusphere next January.

John Head and I will once again present a Jumpstart session titled “The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony”.  We promise all updated content and new demos updated for new versions of all software pieces involved.

John has another session he will be doing, too.  But I will let him talk about that himself.

Luis Guirigay will be co-presenting a session on Best Practices for doing Lotus Domino Health Checks.  While Luis is a frequent speaker at various user group events around Chicago, this is the first time he will be speaking at Lotusphere.  I am very excited that his session was accepted.

Hope to see everyone at our sessions.  Pack those rooms.  I want to have an overflow room once again.